Add NARBA to your Smartphone!

How to Add a Web Clip Icon to Home Screen


  1. Browse with Safari to and tap the Share button.
  2. Choose “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. Click “Add” in the top right.

This creates a bookmark on your homescreen that looks like and works very much like an app installed on your iPhone. Tapping it will launch directly to the NARBA Alerts page.


If you are using the Android Browser:

  1. On your phone, visit
  2. Select “Save to bookmarks”.
  3. Open the bookmarks and find the one you just made.
  4. Tap and hold on the bookmark and select “Add to Home Screen”.

If you are using the Chrome browser:

  1. Make a bookmark for
  2. View your bookmarks in Chrome for Android.
  3. Pick the bookmark you want to add, and then long-press on the icon.
  4. You will then see a menu pop up, with the last option being add to home screen.
  5. Select that option and then go back to your home screen.

Next time you want to visit NARBA, tap the web clip icon on your home screen.

Windows Mobile

  1. Swipe left to view the Apps list
  2. Tap Internet Explorer
  3. Open and tap three-dots menu button
  4. Tap pin to start
  5. A new tile bookmark will now have been added to the home screen