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first report: Feb 16; last update: Mar 22  Map

Bob Friedrichs photographed a Purple Sandpiper at 4:45pm on Feb 26 in Point Comfort. Directions on Texbirds. Photos on eBird.
Latest Reports: Continues through Mar 22.

Quinta Mazatlan: BLUE BUNTING
first sighting: Dec 30; last update: Mar 21  Map

An immature male Blue Bunting was photographed on the morning of Dec 30 at Quinta Mazatlan. It was behind the amphitheater at the small bridge on the south side.
Latest Reports: Jan 2: Seen again in Ebony Grove near Palm Condo Trail. Continued sightings through Mar 21.

first sighting: Dec 11; last update: Mar 23  Map

Susan Schaezler reported that she photographed a Golden-crowned Sparrow at Warbler Woods in Guadalupe County on Dec 11. Probable 1st winter bird.
Latest Reports: Continues to be seen through Mar 23.

first report: Feb 10; last update: Mar 3  Map

A female-type Rose-throated Becard is being seen at the Inn at Chachalaca Bend in Los Fresnos. Park in the dirt lot and follow the dirt 2-track north about 200 feet along the edge of the forest and field and that's where it was located on Feb 10. It was vocalizing, giving the single-noted whistle. The management at the inn ask that you check in during your visit and encourage you to give a small donation of $5. Birders should call or email at least a day ahead to inquire about access at the Inn at Chachalaca Bend. (956) 233-1180, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't just show up, you may find the gate locked.
Latest Reports: Continues through Mar 3.

first sighting: Jan 1; last update: Mar 8  Map

On Jan 1 Anna Galvan photographed an American Black Duck with a drake Mallard at White Rock Lake in Dallas. The duck is believed to be the same bird that was seen last March. The ducks have continued through Mar 8.

first sighting: Mar 3; last update Mar 22  Map

On Mar 3 Conor McMahon photographed a 2nd year Great Black-backed Gull at Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary.
Latest Reports: Mar 4-22: continues.

first sighting: Dec 10; last update: Mar 12  Map

On Dec 10 Jim Hinson found a Greater Pewee in Bear Creek Park in West Houston. The sighting was near Restroom #9.This is probably the same bird that has been present at this location for the previous 5 winters. Last year it was reported from Sep 20 through Mar 22.
Location: The pewee is typically seen in the area of restrooms #9 and #10.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Mar 12.

Various: SNOWY OWL
first sighting: Dec 29; last update: Mar 13

Chad Mussman photographed a Snowy Owl SW of Gruver, TX in Hansford County on Dec 29.
Odessa: On Jan 23 Johan van der Watt photographed a Snowy Owl in Odessa, Ector County (Map). Generally it's being seen around Crossroads Church. Sightings continued through Feb 8. On Feb 23, it was spotted in front of Cinergy Theater on Hwy 191. On Mar 8 likely the same bird was seen on top of a building at MCH/Fitness. (Map) On Mar 13 seen at 4199 Faudree Rd. in Odessa. (Map)
Fort Worth: On Feb 21 one owl seen by several observers near intersection of I-35W and Heritage Trace Blvd. Found by John Schueler. (Map) Continued through Feb 23.

Lower Rio Grande Valley: TAMAULIPAS CROW
last update: Mar 22   Map
On the morning of Nov 5 Dave Irons and Shawneen Finnegan saw two presumed Tamaulipas Crows flying south over the South Padre Island Convention Center. Dave and Shawneen caught up with the birds near the causeway and got pics. The birds were heading south. Starting on Nov 10, sightings at the Brownsville Sanitary Landfill. (Map). Please be sure to sign in and follow employees instructions to ensure continued access to the landfill.  The landfill is open Monday to Saturday 7am to 3:30pm and closed on Sunday.
Latest Reports: On Mar 12, 2 birds reported by multiple observers at Sabal Palm Sanctuary. (Map) Mar14: 4 birds at Brownsville Landfill. Mar 17: 8 birds at landfill. Continued sighting at landfill through Mar 22.

 Victoria County: RUFF
first report: Feb 28  Map

Mark Terry photographed a Ruff on Feb 28 along Tibiletti Rd in Victoria County. (See eBird checklist for photos)
Latest Reports: Mar 1: negative reports.

first sighting: Jan 14; last update: Feb 20  Map

On Jan 14 Sonny Bratz found a Golden-crowned Warbler at Lions Park in Refugio. Seen at 1:40pm. There is a square pavilion about 15 x 15 next to a wood bench in the back of the park near the river. It is in this vicinity low on ground and shrubs. Sonny had found possibly the same bird at the same location last January.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Feb 20.

first sighting: Nov 12; last update: Feb 15

On Nov 12 an immature female Rose-throated Becard was found at Santa Ana NWR. The bird was seen near the hawk tower in a mixed flock. It continued till Jan 7. Afterward, Eric Carpenter reported that all the photographs he's seen have been of an immature male.
Latest Reports: Jan 15: on Willow Lakes Trail near photo blind. Jan 21-Feb 15: continues.



first sighting: Jan 27; last update: Feb 9

A female Elegant Trogon was photographed in New Braunels on Jan 27. The photos were posted on Facebook's What's This Bird? ABA group by Jane Azzaro. Photos
Latest Reports: Feb 4: 5:45pm, relocated by Ann and David Womer at Landa Park. Photographed. Seen by others. (Map) Feb 5-6: continues in Landa Park, Panther Canyon Nature Trail. Feb 7: negative reports all day but conditions were cold, wet, & windy. Feb 8: seen by several. Feb 9: negative

first sighting: Jan 18 

On Jan 18 Justin Bosler had good looks at a solitary White-throated Swift in Garza County. He suspects it's wintering along the Caprock escarpment. The location is Cedar Hills Road just south of US 380, west of Post. The swift appeared at 1:01-1:02pm near the cleared parcel of land just before the "Dead End" sign.

first sighting: Dec 14; last update: Jan 6  Map

On Dec 14 Ed Wetzel found a confirmed Trumpeter Swan at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. The swan was photographed and compared with Tundra Swans.  Photos on Facebook The Natural Scientist Supervisor there, Michael Perez, says the best location to see all three swans is by the Canoe Launch area. Michael advises parking in the lot that is just past the launch area, then walk east (right) on the Riverbottom Trail away from the Canoe Launch, then to look in the water to the west (left). You'll get a refuge map when you get there, and fees are $5.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jan 6. (Last reported by Chris Hill - confirmed with staff at FWNCR).

first sighting: Dec 13; last update: Jan 1  Map

Mel Cooksey found a Violet-crowned Hummingbird on Dec 13 in the area around the Terrell County Courthouse in Sanderson. First seen at 3:05pm as it flew briefly to a feeder, then to a power line. Observed off and on about 40 minutes. The bird did one series of sharp "twik" notes as it perched, like it was defending a territory. Photographed. The owner of the house, Lee Hoy, welcomes birders. Directions and guidelines are in his Texas Chase Birds Facebook post.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jan 1. On Feb 11, Lee Hoy found its remains in his yard. They have been transferred to a research facility.

first sighting:  Dec 29; last update: Jan 3  Map
On the morning of Dec 29 Larry Geiger and others photographed a Tamaulipas Crow on Park Road 13 near Goose Island State Park. The latest sightings have been along Aransas Beach Rd and in the pasture across from the Big Tree in Lamar.

first sighting: Nov 26; last update: Dec 5  Map
On the morning of Nov 26 Kyle O'Haver photographed a Tamaulipas Crow in Galveston at Apfel Park. He was also able to capture it on video. Reports continued through the afternoon. It was often seen around the garbage dumpsters near the entrance kiosks.
Latest Reports: Nov 27: afternoon, seen at San Luis Pass by Joe Fischer. (Map) Continued throughout the afternoon. Nov 28: spotted midday at same location: on the Gulf side of the Highway, in the Treasure Island neighborhood dumpster station. Dec 3-5: Seen at Apffel Park.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jan 3.

Lower Rio Grande Valley: GREEN-BREASTED MANGO
first sighting: Dec 2; last update: Dec 11 Map

On Dec 2 John Brush found a Green-breasted Mango flycatching around a lawn at the Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center in McAllen.  Photo by John Brush.
Latest Reports: Dec 3-6: continues. No sightings Dec 7-10. Refound on Dec 11.

first sighting: Dec 4  Map

Saundra McDowell reported photographing a Northern Wheatear on Allen Road in Colorado County on Dec 4. The location is northwest of Sealy.

first sighting: Nov 1
On Nov 1 Ray Matlack photographed a Varied Thrush at a private residence south of Amarillo.

Guadalupe Mountains NP: NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL
first sighting: Oct 24
On Oct 24 Tira Overstreet and Petra Hockey heard a Northern Pygmy-Owl calling in McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains NP. Directions and notes on Facebook - Texas Chase Birds.


TX RBA logo: Varied Thrush image courtesy of Carolyn Ohl-Johnson. Photo taken at her Christmas Mountains Oasis to mark the bird's third month anniversary (October 20, 2012 - January 20, 2013)



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