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first sighting: Jan 18; last update: Mar 23  Map

On Jan 18 Thomas Hutson photographed a female-plumaged Crimson-collared Grosbeak at Quinta Mazatlan WBC. It was found south of the Palm Condo Trail. (Photo on Facebook)
Latest Reports: Jan 31-Mar 23: continues

first sighting:  Mar 23  Map

On Mar 23 David Sarkozi found a Golden-crowned Sparrow in a scrubby area on the west side of the dam at Lake McClellan. Notes on eBird.

first sighting:  Mar 17; last update: Mar 25  Map

On Mar 17 Cecilia Riley observed a Golden-crowned Sparrow in a hedge at La Cueva de Oso Restaurant in Balmorhea. Photographed by Mike Gray.
Latest Reports: Mar 25: seen along San Angelo Street. (Willie Sekula)

first sighting: Mar 15 Map

Wendy McCrady reported that she observed an Olive Warbler at Santa Ana NWR on Mar 15. Notes on eBird.

first sighting: Jan 18; last update: Mar 25

On Jan 18 Bob Shackleford observed an immature Yellow Grosbeak on private property in Concan. It was coming to a feeder. On Jan 27 Kevin Cochran photographed an immature Yellow Grosbeak at a feeder in the same area. There is only limited access for viewing. Try contacting Bob Shackleford through Facebook. The bird has continued through Mar 25.

first sighting: Feb 21; last update: Mar 9  Map

An apparent 2nd year (1st cycle) Western Gull has been identified at White Rock Lake Spillway in Dallas.  Photos and notes on Facebook. It has continued through Mar 9.

last update:  Mar 9  Map

David and Jonathan Henderson reported that they observed 2 Tamaulipas Crows at the Brownsville Landfill on Mar 9.

first sighting:  Mar 7  Map

On Mar 7 Steve Svedeman photographed a light morph adult Short-tailed Hawk in Leakey, Real County. eBird report and photos.

first sighting:  Mar 6; last report: Mar 21  Map

Suzanne Johnson photographed a Eurasian Wigeon at the South Unit of San Angelo State Park on Mar 6. The first boat ramp (not the one by the dam) has been one of the best locations to view. It's continued through Mar 21.

first sighting: Dec 16; last update: Mar 1  Map

D. Smyth reported that on Dec 16 a Golden-crowned Warbler was at the Valley Nature Center in Weslaco. Location: From the 4-way intersection of the Heron, Parrot, titmouse trail, and Louisiana trail, take the Louisiana trail just past a side trail with bench to a point where the trail comes close to the border fence which is visible through the opening.  (eBird notes and photos)
Latest Reports: Dec 18:  3:15-4:30pm, bird present and photographed. It was mainly around the island near a water feature (intersection Cactus and Resaca) -- Reinhard Geisler. Continued sightings through Mar 1.

Laguna Atascosa NWR: BLUE BUNTING
first sighting: Jan 7; last update: Feb 27 Map

On Jan 7 Neil MacLeod photographed a female Blue Bunting at Laguna Atascosa NWR. Observed in water feature at the photo blind south of the visitors' center. From the center follow the sign with the two Green Jays to the photo blind on the right. (eBird report and photos)
Latest Reports: Jan 8: 8:30-3:30, negative reports. Feb 13: seen in the morning foraging on ground with cardinals at edge of scrub and parking lot near picnic tables. Feb 24: photographed (Bly Bylsma). Sightings have continued through  Feb 27.

first sighting: Sep 26; last update: Feb 19  Map

Angelina Vasquez reported that on Sep 26 she saw a Golden-crowned Warbler near the water feature at Frontera Audubon Center. Note: Frontera is closed on Sunday and Monday. Photos on Facebook.
Latest Reports: Sep 28: 9:45 am. Seen along entrance path from parking lot.Continued sightings through Feb 19.

first sighting:  Feb 28  Map

Rich Kostecke found a 1st winter Golden-crowned Sparrow at GCSP tank in Jeff Davis County on Feb 28. The location is west of Balmorhea. (Notes and Photos on Facebook)

first sighting: Nov 7; last update: Feb 19

On Nov 7 a Roadside Hawk was seen and heard at Quinta Mazatlan. Subsequent sightings have mainly been around the border patrol corral near the National Butterfly Center. (Map) A Border Patrol agent said birders have foot access up to the levee.
Latest Reports: Nov 8: Seen midday at Santa Ana NWR over Willow Lake by Chachalaca Trail.(Map). Nov 9: reported at National Butterfly Center (Map) by Daniel Horton. Photos taken. Later in the day seen from Kingfisher overlook at Bentsen State Park. Nov 11: morning, seen at National Butterfly Center and along the road between Bentsen SP and the center. Nov 12-13: continues at Butterfly Center. Nov 14; brief look, along Military Rd. between Butterfly Center and Bentsen. Nov 16-17: Along Military Rd. Several observers. (Map) Nov 19: seen along Military Rd. Nov 20: morning, seen at the border control stables. Nov 21: morning, 4700 North Schuerbach Rd. Continued sighting in area around Butterfly Center and stables through Dec 16. Most recent sightings have been around the corral. (Map)
Feb 19: Seen by several observers at the Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR. (Map) Observers were standing 100+ ft west of the bridge across the levee, looking south into the forest. The hawk was up on the telephone pole before diving into the bush.

first sighting: Jan 1; last update: Feb 1  Map

On Jan 1 Tripp Davenport reported a Rufous-backed Robin in Uvalde Co. The bird was on the bank of the Nueces River at the Tom Nunn Crossing Public Access. Directions: end of County Road 202, west of Uvalde on US90 first county road to the left after you pass Southwest Livestock Exchange and before you get to the Nueces River. County road passes below the high power lines, dirt road winds around for a couple of miles before deadending at the Nueces River. Please respect private property and do not cross fences. The bird was near riverbank upstream from crossing, feeding in hackberry trees. Viewable from the gravel bank on the west side of the river.
Latest Reports: Jan 1: continued, midafternoon. Jan 6: seen near edge of river where flooding has left a pile of trees. (Greg Fleming). Jan 7-Feb 1: continues

first sighting: Feb 6  Map

On Feb 6 Nancy Sheard photographed a female-plumaged Crimson-collared Grosbeak at Resaca de la Palma SP. (eBird report and photos).

last update: Feb 15  Map

A Fork-tailed Flycatcher has been present at Brazos Woods Preserve since late December. The preserve is restricted access. If you'd like to try to see the bird, contact Susan Conaty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Continued sightings through Feb 15.

first sighting: Jan 13; last update: Jan 25  Map

On Jan 13 Scotty Lofland found a Bohemian Waxing at Lake Graham, west of Fort Worth. It was on the west side of the lake on FM 3003. From FM 61 it was .45 of a mile N. There is a road on the west side of 3003 called Leland Rd. It was right before you get to that road in a front yard across from Leland Rd.
Latest ReportsJan 16: continues on Leland Rd. (Lamont Brown) Jan 17: negative reports from dawn-to-dusk checks. Jan 19: 10:45am, seen briefly on the Eastside Lake Rd at Lovern Ln with flock of about 80 Cedar Waxwings (Adam Wood). Jan 20: 5pm, seen west side of lake at intersection of Hwy. 3003 and Leland Rd in front yard by the lake (Dennis Cooke). Jan 25: negative  reports

Estero Llano Grande SP: BLUE BUNTING
first sighting: Jan 9  Map

Pat Hunter reported finding a female Blue Bunting at Estero Llano Grande SP on Jan 9. Good looks obtained.

first sighting: Jan 10  Map

Mark Elliott photographed a juvenile Northern Goshawk in Palo Duro Canyon on the morning of Jan 10. (Photo and Notes)

first sighting: Dec 27; last update: Jan 10  Map

On Dec 27 Jean Suplick photographed a Fork-tailed Flycatcher along FM 47 (roughly 14921 FM 47) in Wills Point. (eBird notes and photo)
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Jan 10.




first sighting: Dec 29  Map

Susan Foster observed two female Blue Buntings on Dec 29 during the Laredo CBC. The birds were found in Section 1. A Golden-crowned Warbler responded to call. Was heard near creek, low in shrubbery. No visuals of warbler. (eBird notes). The birds were found on a private ranch and inaccessible to public view.

first sighting: Dec 27  Map

Bill Sain and 3 others observed and photographed a juvenile Northern Goshawk at Lake Balmorhea on Dec 27. The bird was seen from the dam and is believed to have moved on. (eBird notes and photo)

first sighting: Dec 16  Map

During the San Marcos CBC on Dec 16, Colton Robbins photographed a Fork-tailed Flycatcher. (eBird notes and photo)

first sighting: Dec 13; last update: Dec 14  Map

Jeremy Dominguez photographed a Fork-tailed Flycatcher on Dec 13 near Los Fresnos. The bird was outside the Bobz World laser tag building at the corner of Share 27 Road and State Rd. 100 (East Ocean Blvd).
Latest Reports: Dec 14: morning. Spotted with a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at 36489 Dodds Rd. (26.078, -97.437). Continued at least through 1pm.

first sighting: Dec 4  Map

On Dec 4, Andrea MacLeod photographed a Rose-throated Becard  at Salineno Wildlife Preserve. (Photo in eBird checklist)

first sighting: June 29; last update: Jul 3  Map

A Northern Jacana was photographed on Delta Lake on June 29. (Photo) It was still present at 1 PM on Jul 1.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jul 3.

first report: June 7; last update: June 18   Map

On the morning of June 7 Noah Arthur photographed a Mexican Violetear at Quinta Mazatlan WBC in McAllen.
Latest Reports: June 7: 6:20pm, David Sarkozi saw the bird briefly during a flyover in the amphitheater. The bird was calling. June 8: morning: continuing near amphitheater. June 9-18: continues.

first report: May 3; last update: May 6  Map
An Aztec Thrush was recorded at the Wolfe Residence NW of San Perlita, 21520 FM 2209. First seen on the morning of May 3. Confirmed the afternoon of May 5.
Directions and Guidelines: From Raymondville, go east (7-8 miles) on FM 186 to FM 2209 and turn left on 2209 (it's the second blinking light, you'll see the sign for San Perlita.  Follow FM 2209 to number 21520 on the right in about 5 miles.  Permission is give to enter the back yard but please remain in the back yard. 
Latest Reports: May 6:
no sightings as of 6:15 pm

South Padre Island: GREAT BLACK HAWK
first report: Apr 24; last update: Apr 29  Map

An immature Great Black Hawk on South Padre Island was seen by Javi Gonzalez and Alex Lamoreaux at about 10:30am on Apr 24. The photos by Alex Lamoreaux show white uppertail coverts, which are generally a reliable ID feature. Bill Clark also confirmed the ID of this ABA 1st. The bird was initially seen flying south over the Sheepshead lots of the Valley Land Fund as it was attacked by Great-tailed Grackles. It returned and headed north up the island and was not seen again.  Looked for all afternoon and not relocated.  It made one attempt to cross the Laguna Madre and returned, so perhaps it left on a later attempt. Photos and notes on eBird.
Latest Reports: Apr 29:
Discovered perching in trees on South Padre Island at Valley Land Fund lots. Details on eBird.

first report: Apr 14; last update: Apr 18  Map

A Northern Jacana was reported at the S. Texas Botanical Garden in Nueces County on Apr 14. The observers were Eddie Bartley and Noreen Weeden. The bird was in Gator Lake west of the observation tower.
Latest Reports: Apr 15-18: Continues on Gator Lake between the observation tower and the Palapa Grande platform, in an area with reeds

first sighting: Dec 10; last update: Mar 12  Map

On Dec 10, 2017 Jim Hinson found a Greater Pewee in Bear Creek Park in West Houston. The sighting was near Restroom #9.This is probably the same bird that has been present at this location for the previous 5 winters. Last year it was reported from Sep 20 through Mar 22.
Location: The pewee is typically seen in the area of restrooms #9 and #10.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Mar 12.


TX RBA logo: Varied Thrush image courtesy of Carolyn Ohl-Johnson. Photo taken at her Christmas Mountains Oasis to mark the bird's third month anniversary (October 20, 2012 - January 20, 2013)



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