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first sighting: Sep 14  Map

Alysa Joaquin reported seeing a Fork-tailed Flycatcher on a power line on Sep 14. The bird was spotted east of Austin and south of Walter Long Metropolitan Park.

first sighting: Sep 16  Map

Nina Rach heard the distinct "Ave Maria" calls of a Greater Pewee from her yard on Sep 16. The bird was apparently on Cedar Spur, just west of Voss Rd.

first sighting: Sep 10  Map

On Sep 10, multiple observers spotted a Short-tailed Hawk (adult light morph) from the Hazel Bazemore Park Hawkwatch Platform in Corpus Christi. The bird was seen an hour later with better scope confirmation. Last seen behind the trees as it flew over the golf course. Reported by Daniel Horton.

first sighting: Sep 7; last update: Sep 8  Map

On Sep 7, Justin Bosler found a juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger and a juvenile Arctic Tern at Imperial Reservoir (north of Fort Stockton).
Latest Reports: Sep 8: Justin was able to photograph the Arctic Tern. He couldn't locate the jaeger.

first sighting: June 29; last update: Jul 3  Map

A Northern Jacana was photographed on Delta Lake on June 29. (Photo) It was still present at 1 PM on Jul 1.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jul 3.

Lower Rio Grande Valley: TAMAULIPAS CROW
last update: Jul 11  Map
On the morning of Nov 5 Dave Irons and Shawneen Finnegan saw two presumed Tamaulipas Crows flying south over the South Padre Island Convention Center. Dave and Shawneen caught up with the birds near the causeway and got pics. The birds were heading south. Starting on Nov 10, sightings at the Brownsville Sanitary Landfill. (Map). Please be sure to sign in and follow employees instructions to ensure continued access to the landfill.  The landfill is open Monday to Saturday 7am to 3:30pm and closed on Sunday.
Latest Reports:
Occasional reports on South Padre Island through May 3. On May 17, 3 individuals were at Southmost Nature Preserve - Map (Richard Kostecke) June 12: One seen in flight over Hwy 4 being mobbed by Least terns. It landed on Stephanie Bilodeau's car and called a few times before flying east. (Map) June 28: one seen at Brownsville landfill. Jul 11: one at landfill

Red Bluff Reservoir: ARCTIC TERN
first report:  June 15   Map

On June 15 Justin Bosler photographed a 1st-summer Arctic Tern at Red Bluff Reservoir. He said it's viewable to the NW from the recreation park/ boat launch at the south end. To confirm the ID, he needed to go north along the west shore of the reservoir on the oilfield road. Photo on Facebook

first report: June 7; last update: June 18   Map

On the morning of June 7 Noah Arthur photographed a Mexican Violetear at Quinta Mazatlan WBC in McAllen.
Latest Reports: June 7: 6:20pm, David Sarkozi saw the bird briefly during a flyover in the amphitheater. The bird was calling. June 8: morning: continuing near amphitheater. June 9-18: continues.

first sighting: June 23 Map

Philip Woods reported that he'd photographed a Tamaulipas Crow at Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve on June 23. Photos on eBird

Davis Mountains State Park: GREATER PEWEE
first report: May 23   Map

On May 23 Eric Carpenter photographed a Greater Pewee in Limpia Canyon, Davis Mountains SP.

first report: May 22; last update: May 23  Map

Seen by several observers at the convention center on South Padre Island on May 22. Javi Gonzalez reported that the bird was mainly foraging in the tall trees on the north side of the tree line behind the convention center.
Latest Reports: May 23: continues

Port Aransas: BROWN NODDY
first report: May 23

On May 23 Jon McIntyre photographed a Brown Noddy about 14 miles offshore Port Aransas. He reported that this species often stays in the same location all summer, so it may hang around.

South Padre Island: PURPLE SANDPIPER
first report: May 19  Map

On May 19 Mary McKeown-Moak reported observing a Purple Sandpiper at the Birding and Nature Center on South Padre Island. She was told the bird has been present for a week.

first report: May 3; last update: May 6  Map
An Aztec Thrush was recorded at the Wolfe Residence NW of San Perlita, 21520 FM 2209. First seen on the morning of May 3. Confirmed the afternoon of May 5.
Directions and Guidelines: From Raymondville, go east (7-8 miles) on FM 186 to FM 2209 and turn left on 2209 (it's the second blinking light, you'll see the sign for San Perlita.  Follow FM 2209 to number 21520 on the right in about 5 miles.  Permission is give to enter the back yard but please remain in the back yard. 
Latest Reports: May 6:
no sightings as of 6:15 pm.

first sighting: May 10  Map

Breck Tyler reported that on May 10 he found a Violet-crowned Hummingbird near Hot Springs trailhead on Daniel's Ranch Rd in Big Bend NP. Notes on eBird

first sighting: Apr 21; last update: May 11  Map

Susan Foster reported that a male Violet-crowned Hummingbird was present on Apr 21 at 4301 Ravine Drive in  Cal Allen (Corpus Christi). The homeowners are allowing access. No need to contact them in advance. There's a sign posted to let you know you're at the right spot. The bird has continued through May 11.

first report: Apr 20; last update May 6  Map

Dan Wilkerson photographed a Black-whiskered Vireo at Sabine Woods on Apr 20. (Photo) An individual was also present on May 6. (Joseph Hood)



South Padre Island: GREAT BLACK HAWK
first report: Apr 24; last update: Apr 29  Map

An immature Great Black Hawk on South Padre Island was seen by Javi Gonzalez and Alex Lamoreaux at about 10:30am on Apr 24. The photos by Alex Lamoreaux show white uppertail coverts, which are generally a reliable ID feature. Bill Clark also confirmed the ID of this ABA 1st. The bird was initially seen flying south over the Sheepshead lots of the Valley Land Fund as it was attacked by Great-tailed Grackles. It returned and headed north up the island and was not seen again.  Looked for all afternoon and not relocated.  It made one attempt to cross the Laguna Madre and returned, so perhaps it left on a later attempt. Photos and notes on eBird.
Latest Reports: Apr 29: Discovered perching in trees on South Padre Island at Valley Land Fund lots. Details on eBird.

first sighting: Dec 11; last update: Apr 26  Map

Susan Schaezler reported that she photographed a Golden-crowned Sparrow at Warbler Woods in Guadalupe County on Dec 11. Probable 1st winter bird.
Latest Reports: Continues to be seen through Apr 26.

first report: Apr 14; last update: Apr 18  Map

A Northern Jacana was reported at the S. Texas Botanical Garden in Nueces County on Apr 14. The observers were Eddie Bartley and Noreen Weeden. The bird was in Gator Lake west of the observation tower.
Latest Reports: Apr 15-18: Continues on Gator Lake between the observation tower and the Palapa Grande platform, in an area with reeds.

first report: Apr 5; last update: Apr 11  Map

On Apr 5 Bob Honig found a male Eurasian Wigeon at Indiangrass Preserve (NW of Penick/Hebert Rds) in Waller County. Seen by many others. The bird was on the wetland pond near the Katy Conservancy bldg. on Hebert Rd. Most consistent viewing continues to be from Hebert Rd approximately 0.2 mi west of Penick Rd.
PARKING GUIDANCE:  When parking on the Hebert Rd roadside, please pull off the road so as not to impede traffic.  Often there is very little traffic; but sometimes large farm equipment/trucks come by, and it does gut busier at times,.  The roadside shoulders have tall grass growing on them, but absent any significant rain they are firm even though you can't see to the ground.  
Latest Reports: Continues through Apr 1

first sighting: Jan 1; last update: Mar 8  Map

On Jan 1 Anna Galvan photographed an American Black Duck with a drake Mallard at White Rock Lake in Dallas. The duck is believed to be the same bird that was seen last March. The ducks have continued through Mar 8.

first sighting: Dec 10; last update: Mar 12  Map

On Dec 10 Jim Hinson found a Greater Pewee in Bear Creek Park in West Houston. The sighting was near Restroom #9.This is probably the same bird that has been present at this location for the previous 5 winters. Last year it was reported from Sep 20 through Mar 22.
Location: The pewee is typically seen in the area of restrooms #9 and #10.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Mar 12.

first sighting: Jan 27; last update: Feb 9

A female Elegant Trogon was photographed in New Braunels on Jan 27. The photos were posted on Facebook's What's This Bird? ABA group by Jane Azzaro. Photos
Latest Reports: Feb 4: 5:45pm, relocated by Ann and David Womer at Landa Park. Photographed. Seen by others. (Map) Feb 5-6: continues in Landa Park, Panther Canyon Nature Trail. Feb 7: negative reports all day but conditions were cold, wet, & windy. Feb 8: seen by several. Feb 9: negative

first sighting: Dec 13; last update: Jan 1  Map

Mel Cooksey found a Violet-crowned Hummingbird on Dec 13 in the area around the Terrell County Courthouse in Sanderson. First seen at 3:05pm as it flew briefly to a feeder, then to a power line. Observed off and on about 40 minutes. The bird did one series of sharp "twik" notes as it perched, like it was defending a territory. Photographed. The owner of the house, Lee Hoy, welcomes birders. Directions and guidelines are in his Texas Chase Birds Facebook post.
Latest Reports: Continues through Jan 1. On Feb 11, Lee Hoy found its remains in his yard. They have been transferred to a research facility.



TX RBA logo: Varied Thrush image courtesy of Carolyn Ohl-Johnson. Photo taken at her Christmas Mountains Oasis to mark the bird's third month anniversary (October 20, 2012 - January 20, 2013)



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