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South Padre Island: TAMAULIPAS CROW
first sighting: Nov 5; last update: Nov 17  Map
On the morning of Nov 5 Dave Irons and Shawneen Finnegan saw two presumed Tamaulipas Crows flying south over the South Padre Island Convention Center. Dave and Shawneen caught up with the birds near the causeway and got pics. The birds were heading south. Starting on Nov 10, sightings at the Brownsville Dump. (Map). ID necessary to enter dump. The landfill is open Monday to Saturday 7am to 3:30pm and closed on Sunday.
Latest Reports: Nov 6: Two possible Tamaulipas Crows NE of Brownsville (Map) (John Lowry) Nov 10: sightings of 2 Tamaulipas Crows morning and afternoon at the Brownsville Dump. Nov 11: up to 5 birds continue at landfill. Sightings continued through Nov 17.

first sighting: Nov 14; last update: Nov 16  Map
On Nov 14 at 3pm, Duke Liebler found a Great Black-backed Gull on the east side of Texas City Dike. On Nov 16, David Sarkozi found a Great Black-backed Gull at Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary. (Map) On Nov 16 there was also a sighting at Texas City Dike.

first sighting: Nov 12
On Nov 12 a female Rose-throated Becard was found at Santa Ana NWR. The bird was seen near the hawk tower in a mixed flock.

first sighting: Nov 1
On Nov 1 Ray Matlack photographed a Varied Thrush at a private residence south of Amarillo.

Guadalupe Mountains NP: NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL
first sighting: Oct 24
On Oct 24 Tira Overstreet and Petra Hockey heard a Northern Pygmy-Owl calling in McKittrick Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains NP. Directions and notes on Facebook - Texas Chase Birds.

first sighting: Oct 28; last update: Oct 29   Map
On Oct 28 Christian Walker found a Rufous-backed Robin at Palo Duro Canyon SP. The sighting was at the trading post bird blind.
Latest Reports: Oct 29: negative reports

first sighting: Oct 16   Map
On Oct 16 Claire Jordan found a Great Black-backed Gull at Houston Audubon's Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary. (Photos in eBird report)

first sighting: Aug  30; last update Sep 2   Map
On Aug 30 Eric Carpenter found a juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger at Hornsby Bend in Austin. The bird was feeding in the southeast corner of Pond 2 (The pond closest to Hwy. 71 and Bergstrom Airport). Photo by Joseph Hood.
Latest Reports: Continues through Sep 1. On Sep 1 in eastern basin. On Sep 2 negative reports.

first sighting: Aug 29; last report: Aug 31   Map
A Red Phalarope is being seen at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center in San Antonio.



first sighting: Aug 14   Map
On Aug 14 Joe Fischer and Susan Heath found a Red-faced Warbler in Pine Canyon in Big Bend NP. Photo on Facebook. Four-wheeled drive needed to chase it.

Chambers County: JABIRU
first sighting: Aug 1; last update: Aug 5   Map
In the late afternoon of Aug 1 David Hanson and his wife found a Jabiru in Chambers County. It was in a mixed flock of egrets and Wood Storks in an old crawfish pond at the corner of Pear Orchard and FM 1985. After a short while the bird was spooked by a truck and wasn't refound. Photos
Latest Reports: Aug 2: 8:30am, seen for 5 minutes at 29°41′9″ N 94°29′22″ W then landed behind a berm. Continued sightings through Aug 3. Negative reports for Aug 4-5.


Davis Mountains Preserve: BUFF-BREASTED FLYCATCHER
first sighting: July16   Map
John Groves found a pair of Buff-breasted Flycatchers in the Davis Mountains Preserve on July 16. They were seen near the Tobe Canyon split off from upper Madera Canyon. He wasn't able to obtain photos but is very familiar with the species in SE Arizona.

Randall County, TX: VARIED THRUSH
first sighting: Jun 17; last update: Jun 23  Map
Mark Lanham found and photographed a Varied Thrush along Palo Duro Creek at Wagon Wheel Ranch, 5.5. miles NW of Canyon, TX. Canyon is south of Amarillo in the Panhandle on Jun 17. Also viewed on Jun 18. Photos posted on Facebook. It's not known if the ranch is accessible to the public. The bird was not seen on Jun 19 and has not been relocated.

first sighting: Sep 20; last update: Mar 22  Map

A couple of reports have come in for a Greater Pewee in Bear Creek Park in West Houston. Jennifer Miller reported it on Sep 20, and Dale Wolck on Sep 26. The sightings were around Restroom #9.This is probably the same bird that has been present at this location for the previous 4 winters. Last year it was reported from Aug 27 through Mar 4.
Location: The pewee is typically seen in the area of restrooms #9 and #10.
Latest Reports: Sightings have continued through Jan 26. On Jan 28 Dennis Shepler photographed a 2nd Greater Pewee at Memorial Oaks Cemetery near Bear Creek Park (Map), The bird was in section #'s 11 and 15. Jan 29: morning, two birding groups confirmed with simultaneous sightings that there are now 2 Greater Pewees present in west Houston: Bear Creek Park and Memorial Oaks Cemetery. Jan 30: sighting at cemetery. Feb 1-Mar 22: Bear Creek Park bird continues.

first sighting: Jan 24; last update: Feb 25  Map
On Jan 24 Derek Muschalek found a Golden-crowned Warbler at Shelly/Lion's Park in Refugio, in same area where one spent several weeks from 12/5/15- 2/24/16. The bird was seen with Orange-crowned Warblers along the creek, moving downstream. It was feeding and quite vocal.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Feb 25.

first sighting: Oct 30; last update: Jan 24   Map
An Amazon Kingfisher was photographed by Raul Delgado on the morning of Oct 30 on the Las Palmas Trail at Zacate Creek near Laredo. (Photo on Facebook) It continued to be seen through 5pm.
Directions: To get to Zacate Creek from US 83, just east of I-35/San Dario Avenue.  From US 83, go south on Saint Jorge to Zaragosa Street, left on Zaragosa to San Eugenia, Right on San Eugenia one block to Water St. turn left on Water and park.  Look for the Kingfisher along Zacate Creek, which is just east of you.  DO NOT enter the creek. Respect the yellow tape boundary that the city has put up and bird from the hillside or trail. The bird is also being seen at Los Dos Laredos Park upstream on the Rio Grande, at 27.4994, -99.5097.
Latest Reports: Continued sightings through Dec 16. On Dec 10 it was seen noon-1pm from Los Dos Laredos Park, mostly on the Mexican side of the river, roughly opposite Santa Cleothilde Ave (27.49964, -99.51327) and ranging west from there about a hundred yards (halfway to the railroad trestle). (Brian & Eileen Keelan). Dec 15-18: sightings at Los Dos Laredos Park. Dec 21-23: Sightings at Los Dos Laredos Park. Dec 24: seen at creek mouth along Las Palmas Trail. (Tom Unsicker) Dec 25: morning, fishing in river near railroad bridge. Dec 26: at Las Palmas Trail. Dec 27: morning, at Los Dos Laredos Park. Dec 28: morning, at railroad bridge. Dec 29-Jan 17: continues. Jan 18-19: negative reports. Jan 22-23: along Las Palmas Trail. Negative reports for Jan 24.

first sighting: Oct 12; last update: Nov 2  Map
A Northern Jacana was found by Franklin Nejame on Oct. 12 at Santa Ana NWR. He and his friend, Brian Kulvete believe there are two juvenile Northern Jacanas at Pintail Lake. Last year several Northern Jacanas were seen at Santa Ana NWR starting October 11 through March 13.  (Photo on Facebook)
Latest Reports: Sightings of at least one bird continue through Nov 2. On Oct 22 and 27, two individuals were spotted (one on Pintail Lake 5, the other on Willow Lake 3). Not found on Nov 3.


TX RBA logo: Varied Thrush image courtesy of Carolyn Ohl-Johnson. Photo taken at her Christmas Mountains Oasis to mark the bird's third month anniversary (October 20, 2012 - January 20, 2013)



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