We offer several additional membership options including monthly or two-year memberships as well as the option to give NARBA membership as a gift.

One Month

Become a NARBA member to access our highly curated and timely birding reports and receive rare bird alerts directly to your email inbox. Our team of experienced and dedicated birders check and send alerts as soon as they break, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This membership is for one month and automatically renews.

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Subscriptions will appear on your credit card as "NARBA" or "Birds in the Hand." NARBA uses PayPal to process subscriptions paid by credit card.

If you prefer to pay by check you can do so by sending us your name, email address and a check to:
David Bell
Birds in the Hand
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If you have any questions about your subscription or payment, please feel free to contact Drew Weber at drew@narba.org or David Bell at dave@narba.org or (415) 271-0775. If you call about subscriptions, please try to do it from 8AM to 5PM Pacific time on business days … but feel free to call us any time about rarities!!